OMG! John Taylor is 50!!

Yes, John Taylor is 50 years old.  Now, I knew this somewhere in my mind.  When I was 14 years old I knew exactly how much older John Taylor was than me.  What girl didn’t?  (Only those who knew the age difference between themselves and Simon… or Roger… or Nick… even Andy.)  But I was reminded of it — and shocked by it — when I found a nice piece on Duran Duran while looking for information on tickets to their upcoming show in Chicago.

If John Taylor is 50, then I’m, uh…  You get the picture.  But age should be no barrier to gushing about Duran Duran, even if I am having a crisis of conscience over the ticket prices — which start at more than $100 for a balcony spot.  The sadder thing is that I just found out about this when listening to the radio the other day stuck in traffic on my way to a responsible adult meeting.  The concert is next month.  Why did I not know about it sooner?  “Duh!” says my fourteen-year-old self, “You are forty-something and have cut yourself off from access to the coolest news.”

But “fandemonium” is timeless when it comes to a group like Duran Duran.  I recall being in my early 30s driving to work hearing a bunch of 50-ish-or-so ladies melting over the phone on a call-in segment with Davey Jones of the Monkees.  “Wow!” I thought.  “These ladies are really in touch with their youthful selves!”  Only a few months later my co-worker and I nearly fell apart when news broke around our office that Duran Duran was coming to the House of Blues.  Squeals and shrieks!  Nearly breathless from the news, we giddily stomped from office-to-office, inviting other Duranies to share in the excitement.  We even hosted a TGIF Duran Duran video viewing party in the conference room to celebrate the momentous event.

So, I may or may not be there on October 21st to wish John Taylor a belated happy birthday from the crowd.  (That date is, coincidentally, quite close to Simon’s birthday, by the way.)  But, for a moment today, I felt young again… at least after I recovered from feeling very old.


4 thoughts on “OMG! John Taylor is 50!!

  1. They were my very first concert. My Mom went with me because a friend backed out. I was in 8th grade. I have never seen them since, but I still remember that magical moment when I felt kind of grown up. Maybe I’ll pony up for a seat, just for nostalgia, and because I don’t go to concerts that often anymore. Maybe I’ll get myself a new shirt. Unfortunately the pack rat side of me does not own her first concert shirt.

    • Oh, I loved that band so much! Still do. I never saw them as a teenager. We lived too far from anyplace they were playing. But, I’ve seen them a couple of times in the past decade or so. It’s still a great show, but it’s more expensive than it has been.

  2. I always feel old when famous people are younger than me.

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