Does technology have you missing out on life?

I was thinking about what to post next… what is particularly GenX, and I found a blog post on the effects of technology on parenting.

GenXers are the first generation of parents who really have to contend with technology.  It’s our friend and our foe, and we get to create the map for how best to use it as a parent.

I saw this blog post recently, and it made me think about so many things, beyond just the subject of how technology can steal time from your relationship with your kids.  I also thought about how life has given us so many options, it’s difficult sometimes to consider swimming upstream and eschewing what doesn’t work for us personally.  Baby Boomers liked the idea of “marching to the beat of a different drummer,” but GenXers have to embrace it.

I thought about the irony of how tools like a smartphone can give and take away time.   Technology is supposed to give us benefits.  Why aren’t we tapping into that and creating more time for the pursuits we value?  As technology provides us with more options, the need to become more self-disciplined has increased.  Smartphones and other technology provide us with the opportunity to cram more stuff into our day and indulge in more entertainment.  We need to know where the line is between the convenience of always having something to read on the train ride home and the burden of keeping an eye on email while we read our kids a bedtime story.

I was certain this blog was wordpress, but I couldn’t find a button to repost.  So here goes the old-fashioned copy and paste routine…


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