The Song That Changed Everything

Venus and Mars were all right that night.

Venus and Mars were all right that night.

In July of 1994, I was a young lady in the latter half of her 20s building a career, hanging out with friends, playing volleyball at North Avenue Beach and packing up her apartment to move across the alley from a studio to a one-bedroom.

One Friday evening that month, I took a break from the boxes and newspaper to meet a friend whose friend’s band was playing at a bar two blocks away. Something felt very different about that evening. I told myself it was buzz about the move.

At the bar, I was introduced to a guy who was cute, seemed nice and was a friend of a friend of a friend, which was considered something along the lines of an endorsement. We struck up a conversation that was very much like many others I’d had in bars on Friday nights… until a song came on that I would never expect to hear in a crowded Halsted Street drinking establishment, “Listen To What The Man Said,” by Paul McCartney.

In that moment, when the bouncy beat launched into, “Anytime, any day, you can hear the people say,” something changed. We were no longer two kids in a bar in Lincoln Park having a superficial conversation about how much we liked the Bulls. We connected on a deeper level.

I felt safe revealing my music nerd self and told him how much I loved Paul McCartney. He said that although he wasn’t a Beatles fan (I made sure that changed), he did like songs from Wings because they reminded him of his childhood. Was this love at first sight?

Maybe it was love at first discussion about rock music, a pastime that continues to this day. One of my favorite things is to talk about music with my husband. It probably always will be. The other day I asked if I was really going to be 72 years old sitting around listening to 1984 and talking to him about Van Halen. He confirm that, yeah, I probably would.

When we married three years later, we actually chose different McCartney songs for our first and final dances. This one was too tied to the magic of that first chance meeting. There was something so spontaneous about how it happened, and it is at its most perfect left as the song that brought us together.


5 thoughts on “The Song That Changed Everything

  1. It is great, isn’t it! I actually know people who are not Beatles fans but are Wings fans. I get how it’s possible… Wings is truly distinctive.

    • Mara says:

      Your Farther in Law would be one of those people….. liked Wings disliked and I mean disliked The Beatles……. he tolerated them for me…… perhaps that is why the son never cared for The Bealtes until you came along……. I am sure he heard for years The Bealtes were just so simple playing immature music…….. I know we both could argue that for hours and I did but to no avail. But like I said he did indulge me and even went to see 1964 The Tribute with me, the ultimate show of love from him, and only rolled his eyes a couple times. Bealtes and Sir Paul make the world and love go round. I think the farther’s favorite was Band on the Run he would sayit is like three songs in one…..He also liked Ringo which I found odd and called him the luckiest SOB in the world…..and then I would say but it took all four of them to become the greatest band ever!
      Mara, happy birthday week!

      • Mara, that is exactly what Paul said in the beginning… too simple. That’s what happens when people listen to jazz 🙂 — though I enjoy jazz myself. I love that he only rolled his eyes a couple of times!

  2. Mara says:

    Like farther like son……………………

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