Calling All Brady Bunch Fans — Did Oliver Jump the Shark?

Remember this guy?

Remember this guy?

Tonight my children were introduced to Oliver of “The Brady Bunch”. (But not in real life… on TV.) My husband and I disagree about Oliver. I love him… thought he was adorable and that it was exciting that the Brady’s got to have a younger cousin living with them. My husband feels that it was “jumping the shark.” GenXers… what do you think?



5 thoughts on “Calling All Brady Bunch Fans — Did Oliver Jump the Shark?

  1. bowiefan1970 says:

    I think when sitcoms introduce new, cute kids with big personalities, they have indeed jumped the shark.

  2. I am very much out-numbered on my opinion of Oliver. FB friends also giving his appearance on The Brady Bunch the negative vote.

  3. Frisbeeable says:

    OMG..that was the last season of The Brady Bunch so I remember Oliver. At that point the show had gotten so cheesy it was great to watch. If you watch the first couple of seasons of TBB, the show is much sweeter and heartfelt, and in 1970 who talked about stepmothers and stepfathers and combining a family? Sort of groundbreaking. But by 1973 the kids were all grown up and the scripts were so horrendous that it was FUN to watch.

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